ST. LOUIS (AP) – For the fourth time since the start of the new year, St. Louis police have been involved in a shooting. The latest incident was this (Tue) morning when officer shot a man who allegedly tried to run them over with a car. Police say the man was shot in the leg and his injuries are not life-threatening. Police were following a car that was reported stolen. The car stopped. Police say that when officers got out, the suspect tried to run over them. The car crashed into a fence after the shooting.

CARTHAGE, Mo. (AP) – Carthage police have apologized for a crude photograph they say was accidentally posted on the department’s Facebook page. The image of male genitals showed up briefly on the page yesterday. Police say an employee was trying to post a photo to go with a community event announcement. The intended shot was among photos stored on a computer that also held investigation photos.

FULTON, Mo. (AP) -A Nebraska man pleaded guilty to transporting stolen cattle across state lines. 47-year-old Allen John Foos of Smithfield, Neb., pleaded guilty Monday in Callaway County. Foos admitted that he used an alias to order cattle through middlemen from the Callaway Livestock Center. In some cases, Foos sold the cattle without paying the sale barn. In other cases, Foos paid the sale barn with proceeds from a later sale. Prosecutors say the scheme caused losses of more than $200,000 and involved purchases in other states.

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) — A measure that would require people to show a photo ID to vote has been passed by a Missouri House elections committee. The bill now goes to the full House. Governor Jay Nixon vetoed a similar measure last year.

ST. LOUIS (AP) — Five St. Louis firefighters are suing in an effort to enroll their children tuition-free in school districts outside of St. Louis Public Schools. The city school district has been unaccredited since 2007. St. Louis firefighters are required by state statute to live in the city.

ST. LOUIS (AP) — A St. Louis man is facing charges for allegedly infecting a woman with HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. 26-year-old Jermaine Johnson is already charged in another crime — allegedly dousing his estranged girlfriend with lighter fluid and threatening to set her on fire as he raped her. That victim is not the same woman in the HIV case. Authorities say Johnson never told a woman that he was intimate with over a more than two-year period that he was HIV positive, even though he had known for years. Johnson remains at large.