Click to hear KMZU’s Kristie Cross speak with Director Bill Bryan:

Bill Bryan

Missouri residents are invited to get 2015 off to a healthy start by partipating in first day hikes at parks across the state on Thursday.  Director Bill Bryan explained the goal behind the event. “We have over 40 hikes that will be going at state parks and historic sites on January1st,” said Bryan, “They are guided by knowledgeable interpreters and they’re free.  We will provide snacks at a lot of the hikes and some door prizes.  It’s an opportunity to just get outside, have a little fun and maybe start out the new year a bit differently.”

Bryan described, in more detail,  what can be expected from the tour-guided events.  “What you will see in the winter time is a totally different experience,” said Bryan, “When the leaves are on the trees in the summer, you can get a view that’s very different than what you’re going to see in the winter.  When you get out there this time of year, you can see a long way and you’ll see things you might have missed when the leaves were on the trees.  So, it’s a really great opportunity to see deer or turkey.”

Details and a full list of hikes around the state can be found at the Missouri State Parks website.