For just the seventh time in the past 155 years, the Missouri General Assembly has voted to override a veto by the sitting governor.  It happened last week, when both the state House and Senate got the required 2/3rds majority to approved the state’s new congressional districts.  State Representative Randy Asbury of Higbee says he thinks the map enacted into law could be the districts the state uses for the next two or three decades.

State Rep. Randy Asbury

Asbury’s own legislative district is split between two congressional districts; Chariton and Macon counties will be in the 6th District, and Randolph County is in the 4th.  Asbury says he likes these boundaries, because earlier versions had split Randolph County into two separate districts.State Representative Mike Lair of Chillicothe says during the entire process, they were getting input from the members of Congress directly affected by any changes.

State Rep. Mike Lair

Lair’s legislative district falls entirely into the 6th Congressional District, currently held by Republican Sam Graves.  Last week’s override by the legislature was the first since 2003, and just the 7th since 1855.