(Jefferson City, MO) — AP — The voter-approved constitutional amendment changing Missouri’s redistricting process is being targeted by Republicans in the state House and Senate.

According to The Kansas City Star, GOP lawmakers argue that voters were forced to swallow changes to the redistricting process that aid Democrats in order to enact popular ethics reform proposals such as a ban on lobbyist gifts.  House Speaker Elijah Haahr of Springfield said they plan to repeal what’s known as “Clean Missouri” very early on in the legislative session which begins January 8. Voters approved the new law in 2018 as part of a broader ethics legislation, and majority Republicans were met with stiff opposition from Democrats when they tried to get rid of it earlier in the year.

The measure requires a single official, appointed by the state auditor, to re-draw districts. The task previously had been delegated to a bi-partisan panel requiring an equal number of members from each political party.