A Chillicothe man appealing his murder conviction in a 1990 death has taken his case to the state Supreme Court. Mark Woodworth is currently serving a life sentence in the shooting death of Cathy Robertson. He was first convicted in a 1995 jury trial. Four years later, a second panel of 12 found Woodworth guilty.

Boone County Judge Gary Oxenhandler was appointed by the Missouri Supreme Court in an advisory role. He wrote in May 2012 that Woodworth was the victim of “a manifest injustice” and deserves to have his case “reviewed by an independent prosecutor…, and, if it is determined that he should be retried, his trial should be presided over by an independent judge.”

The high court is not expected to rule immediately following Thursday’s hearing, which is scheduled to last about 30 minutes. As both sides prepared for yet another battle, KMZU News spoke to Woodworth’s Attorney Robert Ramsey and the Robertson family’s spokesperson Susan Ryan.

Click to hear KMZU’s Kristie Cross talk with Attorney Robert Ramsey:

Robert Ramsey

Click to hear KMZU’s Chelsea Wade talk with Susan Ryan, a spokesperson for the Robertson family:

Susan Ryan

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