orrick tornado

MISSOURI — Severe weather can strike unexpectedly in Missouri, making it important to be prepared to find the most secure shelter available no matter where we are. The statewide tornado drill is an opportunity for Missourians to practice their sheltering plans and ensure readiness in case of a severe weather emergency. The statewide drill provides schools, businesses and families with an opportunity to test their planning and readiness to be able to quickly seek appropriate shelter in case of a real severe weather emergency.

At 1:30 p.m. tomorrow, NOAA Weather Radios will alert listeners that the tornado drill has begun. Outdoor warning sirens will also sound across Missouri. At this time, participants are encouraged to practice taking cover in their designated shelter.

Schools, businesses and families are all encouraged to participate in the statewide tornado drill. Schools are urged to use the tornado drill as an educational tool for students by incorporating tornado facts and meteorological information and safety tips into their lesson plans.