MISSOURI — Historic floods across Missouri have overwhelmed many homes and farm fields.

Some residents that are finally able to return home are finding their basements filled with flood water.

Photo: University of Missouri Extension

According to the University of Missouri Extension, there are steps that can be taken to safely remove as much water as possible.

Before going into a flooded basement, it is strongly advised that the gas and electrical lines for the house have been switched off and examine the external structure of the home for damage. Ensure all windows and doors are open for ventilation.

The MU Extension advises that a homeowner check with their insurance company prior to pumping any water out of the basement.

Pumping water out of a structure should be completed in stages to prevent walls from caving in or forming cracks. It is recommended around 1 foot per day of water be removed to begin the clean up process.

If water does not continue to rise after being pumped, then the MU Extension suggests increasing the outflow to between two and three feet until all of the water is gone.

To learn more about water removal, visit the University of Missouri Extension’s website.