11:30 a.m.

Stet has decided to move forward with their annexation maps. The issue is expected to go before the voters despite rumors that some of the districts want to block Stet’s plans.

10:15 a.m.

Stet is not in clear yet.  The maps that the board thought would be set in stone are facing a challenge from some of the surrounding districts. According to Superintendent John Wiggans, it was rumored late Thursday afternoon that some of the neighboring communities are attempting to block Stet’s annexation plans.



A number of meetings have been held this week in the Stet R-15 school district.  The Board of Education has mapped out a plan in their annexation efforts.  “What we did was use county lines and major highways as our point of reference to create the new divisions.  So estenially from Highway J eastward, which is on the Carroll County side, those residents and students will fall into the Norborne school district,” Superintendent John Wiggans said.  Click to hear KMZU’s Chelsea Wade talk with Wiggans:

John Wiggans

Wiggans said they’ve gone through multiple drafts.  “In creating a map it is incredibly difficult.  There was a first draft revision.  Some board members did not like that.  So through excellent collaboration and respectful disagreement, three more documents were originated and the fourth one was approved.”

According to Wiggans, the board decided to use a main highway as the cut-off line for the Braymer school district.  “We brought the Braymer line down to Highway W and in a couple of spots, the Braymer line will extend down past W about a mile.  There are about four sections [on the map] where that happens.  Then on the most northwestern side, Highway B is about the division where the Polo district would come down and absorb those students.  Then the rest of the district would fall on the Hardin-Central line,” Wiggans said.

A small portion of the students could also go to Richmond.  Wiggans said the board decided earlier this week to split the students up among at least four surrounding school districts. “The way the students are located in the district around 43-44 students will end up going to Hardin-Central.  It looks, at this point, that we will probably have six to eight students that will end up in Braymer district, with a maximum of ten.  Five to six students that would end up in Norborne and two to three students that would end up in the Polo district.”