Officials in the Stet R-15 School District met with board members in at least three neighboring districts Tuesday to determine where they will send their students in the coming year. Click to hear KMZU’s Chelsea Wade talk with Superintendent John Wiggans:

John Wiggans

Stet school officials visited with Braymer, Hardin-Central, and Norborne Tuesday.  “The discussions are going well,” Wiggans said.  “One of the significant things that we were asking for up front was a financial picture of each district.  We want to make sure that we are looking at the longest term viability.  We want to see everything from expenditures and revenues to long-range planning to student count to population trends.”

Wiggans added that they also wanted to know how each district would maintain Stet’s identity.  “We heard the possibility of just adding ‘Stet’ to the other districts’ names.  On a smaller scale, we could bring trophies and photos, which could then become part of the new school that is formed.  In this process, I believe, Stet will be able to maintain its identity.”

The board is hoping to have a decision on the direction of the district by the time students let out for Christmas.  However, voters will have the final say in April.