Click play below to listen to KMZU’s Ashley Johnson speak with Pleasant Hill National Weather Service Senior Forecaster, Michael Joe:

Building damage in Sibley, MO

Damage to the AAA Trash Service building and dumpsters in Sibley, MO



More damage in Sibley, MO

A spring storm that stretched from northern Texas to Southern Iowa brought heavy rain, strong winds, and at least one tornado through Missouri late Saturday (5/16) into early Sunday (5/17). Many areas were strongly impacted by the storm including areas such as Hale, Clinton, and Sibley.

National Weather Service crews have confirmed the touch down of a tornado in Sibley and are still investigation the downed trees in Clinton for the possibility of a tornado there as well.

Hale 1

Downed tree in Hale, MO

Hale has no confirmed tornado, however strong winds caused multiple trees and limbs to fall and blew multiple objects, including a shed, to nearby locations.

Polo also saw possible, brief tornado touch downs as well as locations northwest of Orrick and east of Holden. There was also damage reported just west of Adrian.

Flash flooding is also a large factor for this specific storm. The city of Mosby was evacuated as the city and roads are under water. Many rivers are also in the flood stage including stretches of the Missouri, Grand, and Platte Rivers.

Pleasant Hills National Weather Service Senior Forcaster, Michael Joe, said the next couple of days are looking to stay rain free however another storm is probable Tuesday, May 19th into Wednesday, May 20th.

Hale 2

Shed blown into nearby field in Hale, MO


Hale, MO pictures courtesy of Terri Riley-Stephens. Sibley, MO Pictures courtesy of Keri Costin.