Strasburg, Mo., city leaders accused the mayor of abusing his power and locking out city employees and even police on Friday.

“We’ve tried to talk to him and no response. Whenever one of us who is not buddy-buddy with the mayor try to speak with him, he gets angry very quickly if anyone questions his authority,” City Councilmember Daniel Yarnell said.

To Yarnell, frustration is an understatement when talking about Mayor Merle Gates.

The mayor’s recent actions are irking city leaders. Two weeks ago, according to Yarnell, the mayor changed the locks to city hall without approval from the city council. A week ago, he took the city’s only police cruiser and locked it up in his personal garage.

“He’s just harassing and harassing our police department over petty things like, ‘You didn’t park the car where I can see the car when you weren’t driving,’” Yarnell said.

The police department is now relying on the Cass County Sheriff to respond to calls in the city of 141 people.

A city council meeting is scheduled for Saturday at 2 p.m.