A section of South Ohio Avenue in Sedalia has been temporarily closed.  Click to hear KMZU’s Kristie Cross talk to City Administrator Gary Edwards:

Gary Edwards

According to Edwards, crews were forced to tear down a building in the area following a fire in December and that action is now the cause of additional problems.  “We have an engineer’s report indicating that the fire is the main culprit,” said Edwards,” It has presented some stability issues for an adjoining building.  It is possible that the wall from that building could collapse.”

Edwards said this may result in additional demolition.  “We are looking at the dangerous building process right now,” said Edwards,” That is something that we are looking at very closely and taking into consideration, so that is a strong option.”

A structural assessment will be completed at the site.  At this time, there is no determination of how long the area might be closed or who will be responsible for the costs associated with the project.