In an effort to improve public speaking skills, Chillicothe FFA students recently gave classroom presentations.

Students enrolled in courses at the Litton Agriculture Education Center are busy learning the importance of public speaking.  Most individuals (adults and youth) have asked themselves “Why is public speaking important?  Why do I need it?  What is the purpose?”  It would be as impractical as saying that you’ll never need math in your life.

By learning how to effectively speak in public, an individual will be able to increase their own self-confidence.  Public speaking will help fine-tune a person’s everyday verbal and non-verbal communication skills.  Public Speaking is a true career booster.  Using public speaking effectively will allow a person to make a difference in their place of business and their community.  Learning to master public speaking early is a great way for students to perform better in college, as well as excel in their career.  If a person can master the finer points of public speaking, there’s a great chance they’ll be able to tackle the opportunities and obstacles that come their way.

Junior and seniors in the Ag Business Communications class must prepare and present a 5 minute speech, all sophomores enrolled in Ag Science II much prepare and present a 3 minute speech, and all freshmen must memorize and recite the FFA Creed.    Indeed, learning how to become an effective public speaker will help them accomplish premier leadership, person growth, and career sucess!

Story provided by Chillicothe FFA