A report released by an independent research company, The Bantam Group, and commissioned by the United Egg Producers, reveals that American consumers, by a margin of four to one, support national legislation regarding egg production that was introduced last week in Congress.  The legislation would transition egg production from the existing conventional cages used for egg-laying hens to enriched cages.
According to the report, consumers support the transition to enriched cages for egg production by a margin of 12-to-1. The survey was said to be “not biased”. Consumers said the two most important groups to support this transition outlined in the federal legislation are UEP and HSUS. Fifty-nine percent of consumers said they would be “more supportive” if they knew that UEP and HSUS supported such legislation; only 1 percent said they would be more opposed.
Enriched cages provide egg-laying hens nearly double the amount of space they currently have in conventional cages, plus provide perches, nest boxes, and scratch pads which allow the hens to exhibit their natural behaviors.
NAFB News Service