SUMNER, Mo. — The Swan Lake National Wildlife Refuge near Sumner is set to reopen to the public beginning March 2.

Photo: Swan Lake National Wildlife Refuge

Every year the refuge closes from the end of October to the first Saturday in March to provide a rest stop for migratory birds and waterfowl.

According to a press release Wednesday, the refuge will open at 6 a.m. with all services available.

Visitors during the open portion of the year can enjoy activities such as fishing at Silver Lake, bird watching or hiking through the various trails. An Auto Drive Tour is also available to provide a relaxing drive through the refuge.

Driving through the park during late evening or early morning will provide guests the best opportunity to view Whitetail Deer. Trumpeter Swans, Snow Geese and other species of waterfowl will also be available for viewing during the day.

The refuge will also be open for personal antler shed hunting, mushroom hunting and berry picking.

Those wishing to learn more information about the refuge may stop by the Visitor Contact Station when park staff is available. Various exhibits are also available for public viewing within the station.

During the week, the Visitor Contact Station will be open, but will only be open on weekends from April through the fall.

Swan Lake National Wildlife Refuge also encourages volunteers to partake in educating the public about the various species that inhabit the refuge and to help keep the park clean.

Potential volunteers should contact Steve Whitson, the Refuge Manager at 660-856-3323 ext 13.