As farmers head into the 2011 harvest season, the 2012 growing season is still on their minds.  Syngenta continues with research and development to find ways to help make crop production more efficient. 

Syngenta Corn Portfolio Manager Pat Steiner

Syngenta recently restructured in an effort to put a stronger focus on what the grower is looking for.  Corn Portfolio Manager Pat Steiner discusses the success of Viptera in kncking back black cutworm that has made an appearance in the Show Me State.

 Syngenta – Pat Stiener

Syngenta Agronomy Manager Doug Kirkbride syas the genetic diversity in NK Brand Soybeans and new technology coming down the pipeline will offer solutions to many of the ongoing challenges growers face.  

Syngenta – Doug Kirkbride

The debate over the use of atrazine continues, but Syngenta Technical Asset Lead says the company conitnues to support the use of the  product in agriculture.

Syngenta – Gordon Vaile