The Windsor Four County Rural Fire District was called to Rush Hour, a convenience store in Windsor, after a refueling tanker caught fire. Click to hear KMZU’s Sarah Scott talk with Fire Chief Henry Riddle.

Henry Riddle

Chief Henry Riddle says the call came in about 1:34 a.m. Wednesday and crews were on scene in minutes. “The back of the building with the storage tanks was completely on fire. The tanker was still sitting there, we put the fire out around the tanks and got some water on them to cool them down,” Riddle said. “Then we immediately got on and removed the tanker from the scene. Disconnected the hoses and so on, but the fire had got into the structure. So from about then on it was a structural fire.”

Riddle adds the damage to the building was extensive. “It’s a total loss, gutted the whole inside,” he said. “We had one fireman to go down with heat exhaustion but he seems to be fine. There were no serious injuries. It could have been very serious situation here because we were dealing with a lot of gallons of fuel, but it turned out good.”

There is no current estimate of damages at this time while state officials finish up their investigation.