TINA, Mo. — Tara Industries, a company that converts a variety of plant and animal derived products into clean bio-fuels and glycerin, broke ground on a new industrial site in Carroll County Tuesday morning.

Tara Industries provides bio-fuel energy solutions, which the company says are increasing in demand globally as safe and efficient energy sources.

The project will be developed just off of 65 Highway, about nine miles north of Carrollton, near Tina.

The site includes a transportation hub that provides direct access to Highway 65 as well as a direct connection to the Burlington Northern & Santa Fe railroad system.

The site is also an energy corridor with a meter station to the Tallgrass Rockies Express Gas Line, which is a 42″ natural gas pipeline.

The site, which is considered an agricultural center, also boasts a number of options for electrical power and water sources.

“We are opening a new chapter in the regional economic development of Northwest Missouri here in Carroll County, Tara Industries said in a news release. “As we begin the development of this site we are looking forward to working together with the local community and the area to create jobs, revitalize the economy and are proud to be laying the first building blocks of the largest and newest Regional Industrial Agri-Business Site for the Northwest Region of Missouri”

Tara Industries plans to make investments in the “whole community” to make strides to improve the economy of rural Northwest Missouri.