The Brookfield R3 School Board is placing a Tax Levy on the April ballot. They want input from the community before any major changes are made. According to Board Secretary Becky Stephens the worst case scenario will be cuts up to $350,000 in funding. Stephens says if this doesn’t pass there will be major changes that will dramatically affect student learning. Click to hear KMZU’s Brad Hartman talk to School Board Secretary Becky Stephens.

Becky Stephens

Secretary for the Brookfield R3 School Board Becky Stephens says, ” The Board has been looking at possible solutions or help with how much cuts we’re going to experience next year from the State. The worst case scenario is, I think, over $350,ooo.” Stephens says, ” They want the public to have a voice in this matter so they thought they would place this issue on the ballot. If it doesn’t pass the changes that will have to be made will significantly affect student learning.”