CARROLLTON, MO – A special August election will present an issue to voters that would increase the sales tax rate in Carrollton by one-quarter percent. The renewal of a previously existing quarter percent tax failed in the April election, leading to a tremendous loss of budgeted revenue. As a result, the city council had to weigh the cost of a special election, set for August 8, with the continued lack of funding for street repair. If the proposition passes, the previous quarter of one percent tax rate would be reinstated along with an additional quarter cent. The total rate of one-half of one percent would be used solely for construction, repair, and maintenance of streets roads and bridges within Carrollton, and the monies deposited into a city transportation trust fund.

Carrollton residents will have to show voter ID at the polls. A recently passed state law requires proof of residency in Missouri at polling places. Residents may also cast provisional ballots in case they have no current form of identification, and sign a sworn statement, providing their identity and residence. Preceding the election on August 8, a voter ID informational tour is scheduled to stop in Carrollton August 2, after stops in Higginsville, and Richmond.