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Above: Hedrick Medical Center Chillicothe MO

Click below to listen to KMZU’s Ashley Johnson talk to Chillicothe City Administrator Ike Holland about this tremendous award:

Ike Holland

The City of Chillicothe has won the prestigious Crown Community Award.  “Each year, American City and County magazine holds a competition,” explains Holland, “Different cities and towns around the nation put in their projects and try to win the designation as the Crown Community.  Out of those hundreds that apply, only about 7 to 10 are elected as a designee.  This year, Chillicothe has won this distinction and it’s based on our city hospital that was open this year.”

Even with all the new attractions and advancements, the city is no where near down improving and building.  “We will be open a new dog park,” Holland said, “That is something that not every city has.  Also with our 5 story fire tower training center, we will probably look at expanding that 20 acres and have some other training for police officers and also for emergency preparedness workers.  Those are just a couple of things that are on the skyline.”

Many places feel a sense of pride when winning this award, for Chillicothe it is more than a sense of pride though, it’s notice to the amazing advancements to the to town of around 10,000.  “We are very humbled to win this distinction,” an excited Holland remarked, “I think it’s the first time in the city’s history.  Just like with Chilly Bay and now the hospital, every project that we do every year, we are going to try and make it the best possible so that we use our dollars wisely.”