Click below to listen to KMZU’s Ashley Johnson speak with Chillicothe Area Arts Council Administrator Julie Ashbrook:

Julie Ashbrook

Aspiring actors/actresses or kids just wanting to have some fun will have a chance to be part of a childhood classic, The Jungle Book.  “Each year the Missoula Children’s Theatre comes to Chillicothe in January,” said Ashbrook, “They bring a team to help us put on a musical and the stars in the musical are 60 local and area students.”

Preparing and memorizing for auditions is an unneeded stress on a child, so Missoula does it different.  “All you really need to have when you audition is a big smile,” explained Ashbrook, “I think they are looking to see if children can speak loudly enough and if they have enthusiasm.”

This is not like a normal audition, your child has no need to worry.  “They have a 2 hour group audition so the children are not alone,” Ashbrook said, “They are with all the other kids on the stage and they have all kinds of fun games and activities that the students do.  These auditions are for K-12, so it’s older and young students and from all those kids, they usually select about 60.”

Auditions get underway this afternoon at 4 p.m. at the Gary Dickinson Performing Arts Center in Chillicothe.