MISSOURI  President Trump triumphantly spoke at a Pennsylvania rally Tuesday, just after an agreement was reached on the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA). The House said they could vote on the USMCA as early as next week.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, however, told reporters the Senate will not act on the USMCA until 2020. Reportedly, as it stands now, everyone will have to wait until after the impeachment trial.

The deal is said to be worth billions in U.S. agricultural exports, and would be positive for North American businesses. The deal was signed last year by trade representatives of all three countries.

National Pork Producers Council speaks out about the USMCA not being finalized.

The Trump administration then worked closely with Congressional Democrats to ratify concerns in the revisions and Tuesday announced a deal.

The National Pork Producers Council (NPPC) along with many other government agencies and associations across the U.S. applaud the agreement that Congress, Canada, Mexico, and President Trump came up with, saying it is now time to pass it.

The President of the NPPC, David Herring, who is also a pork producer said that members of Congress can count on hearing from pork producers as the NPPC is unleashing a grassroots call to action.

“Mexico’s approval of the USMCA by the United States is welcome news for U.S. pork producers and all of American agriculture,” Herring said. “We want a vote this year and NPPC will score this critically important trade agreement as a key vote.”

Many organizations are calling for our government to finalize the ink and get the USMCA deal done.

The Missouri Department of Agriculture released a statement about the urgency of getting this deal done.

USMCA is positioned to boost American small businesses, specifically agriculture. Mexico and Canada are Missouri’s top two trading partners. Since NAFTA was signed in 1994, the agreement helped quadruple U.S. agriculture exports to these two countries. In total, USMCA is expected to create an additional 176,000 jobs and inject $68 billion into the United States through increased exports. The agreement further maintains zero tariffs with Mexico and makes modest improvements to dairy, poultry and egg market access.

In St. Louis this week, the National Corn Growers Association held a press conference on the USMCA and its importance to corn producers. NCGA President Kevin Ross stressed the importance of getting the USMCA pushed over the finish line.

“It’s time for Washington to finish the job on trade on ethanol,” Ross said. “We’re here to call on Congress to pass USMCA and for the administration to follow through on the president’s commitment to American farmers and uphold the integrity of the Renewable Fuel Standard.”

The Soybean Association’s Director of Communications and Public Relations, Christine Tew, told KMZU this week that farmers want to make a living from farming their land, not by going to the mailbox.

The NPPC said last year, Canada and Mexico took over 40 percent of the pork that was exported from the United States and a similar percentage is expected this year. U.S. pork exports to Canada and Mexico support 16,000 U.S. jobs. Last year, U.S. pork exports to Mexico totaled $1.3 billion and exports to Canada totaled $765 million.

The Hill reported that a Pelosi spokesperson said similar deals have been passed previously in a relatively short time frame.

“House & Senate passed Korea, Panama, and Colombia Trade Agreements on the same day (Oct 12, 2011). Senator McConnell has no excuse not to bring up the USMCA.”