The Livingston County Sheriff’s Department responded to a call from Southwest School in Ludlow Wednesday morning.  According to the report, a member of their staff had received a threat and school administration reported the incident to the department.  Three deputies and Sheriff Steve Cox, along with the Missouri State Highway Patrol, responded to the school and , after a thorough investigation, ruled that the threats did not warrant further action.  During a search of the premises, a 22-caliber rifle was found in a student’s vehicle.  This student was NOT involved in the initial threat being investigated.  After conversations with the child, it was determined the firearm was accidently left in the truck after hunting and there was no risk to students or staff.

Press Release:

This morning about 9:45 we received a call from administration at South West School regarding a concern of a threat previously made to a staff member.  The school official did the right thing in reporting to administration and they did the right thing in reporting to our office.  Three deputies and the sheriff responded to the school and we received assistance from the Missouri State Highway Patrol with the investigation.  That investigation has been completed and reveals no threats involved with the school or students or that warrant any further action.   With recent national events it is prudent to practice safety.

During this initial investigation a deputy was searching the exterior of the school building and parking lot.  The deputy observed a .22 caliber rifle in a vehicle which was parked on school property.  The firearm was unloaded but there were a few .22 shells in the vehicle.  The student allegedly responsible for having the firearm on school property  was not involved in the threat as described above.  The investigation shows that student has no disciplinary issues, is a nice kid, and made an honest mistake after hunting and leaving the firearm in the vehicle.  School officials are taking administrative action and our conversations  with the prosecuting attorney show no criminal prosecution will take place.