INDEPENDENCE, Mo. — Students of Fort Osage High School and their parents joined forces to protest against a racial culture in the school after a threatening Snapchat was discovered.

According to KCTV5, a Snapchat with two students threatening to come to school and shoot African-American students was spread around to students earlier this week. The school says disciplinary action is being taken and the two students are not in school. The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office also has been involved in the investigation.

Around 100 students and parents gathered in front of the school this morning to protest a racial culture in the school. Participants held signs and used chants to make sure the school knows that discrimination will not be tolerated. Students expressed concerns over not feeling safe while at school.

The school also says they will look at how they can make the school more inclusive although the Principal told KCTV5 that, “we feel like we have a good culture in our buildings.”