KANSAS CITY, Mo. –The National Association of Farm Broadcasters convention was held in November in Kansas City. During the convention, KMZU had the chance to speak to many professionals from numerous agricultural companies. We spoke with 6 professionals from DuPont Pioneer. You can find their interviews below:

Andre Trepanier, a Soybean Marketing Manager for pioneer talks about what the year has been like for soybean growers, and pioneer-logowhat pioneer has been working on lately. He says, pioneer has been working toward providing a product that produces top end yield and has good economic and defensive traits. Andre encourages customers to have a conversation with their sales professional about what will work best in their fields. He also urges people who are not currently a customer to talk to a sales professional to find out what Pioneer could offer them.

Rick Radliff, the Agronomy Sciences Team Senior Manager talks about the growing point agronomy application. With over 8,000 downloads, farmers can access information from agronomists about numerous topics to help them with their day to day jobs.

Eric Boyk, the Marketing Director for Encirca Services talks about services that Pioneer offer their customers. Pioneer agronomist will consult farmers in the fields. They look at things such as soil types, production practices, nitrogen application, and how the farmer could make improvements. Talk to a Pioneer sales representative to find out more information.

Mark Rysinger, the North American Senior Manager for Seed Treatment talks about the soybean market. He stresses the importance of seed treatment, and how it provides a return on money spent. He also talks about Pioneer’s new insecticide, Dupont Lumivia.

Ryan French, the Senior Marketing Manager for the Corn Product Line begins with how the corn growing season looked this past year. He also touches on new products Pioneer has. Visit pioneer.com/yield to see what the yield is in your area from the different Pioneer products.

Kyle Whittaker, the Marketing Manager for the Forage Product Line talks about feed in his interview. He touches on points like providing feed solutions, silage, and new products pioneer has launched.