Although good news was announced Wednesday in trade wars with several nations, an aid package is still being prepared by the Trump administration that aims to compensate for retaliatory tariffs imposed by several countries, including China, and Mexico.

During a speech in Kansas City Tuesday, the president urged patience, indicating once the trade war ends, farmers will be better off. He accused those counties of being vicious in what would be a failed attempt at targeting american farmers. Recent reports indicate the administration has secured some concessions from Europe. Those reports led to a dramatic jump in the Dow Jones Industrial Average. European countries reportedly agreed to lower industrial tariffs and import more U.S. soybeans. During a briefing at the White House Wednesday, Trump said the two sides will be aiming to drop tariffs on all goods.

Trade war, however, continues with China and Mexico. Missouri Farm Bureau President, Blake Hurst, said in a statement today, the $12 billion aid package for farmers was good news, but no substitute for a successful settlement of all trade disputes.