The Warrensburg Police Department is partnering with university police to examine the impact of creating a three-way stop on campus.  Click to hear KMZU’s Bob Allen talk with Warrensburg Police Department Sergeant Scott Munsterman:

Scott Munsterman

Munsterman says a student alerted the traffic commission of a potentially dangerous spot, the intersection of Clark and Holden Streets, back in April.  Due to school being let out in May, the commission decided to wait to study the junction until school was back in session.  Munsterman began surveying the location in late August and has completed traffic studies on both the north and south bound lanes of Holden, which runs through campus.

The next step in the study is to examine pedestrian traffic at the intersection.  University police will conduct that study in the near future.  Once the full study is completed, the traffic commission will take a recommendation to the city about whether a stop sign should be placed at the intersection.

Until then, Munsterman urges drivers and pedestrian alike to use caution around that area of town.  Vehicles need to remember to yield to pedestrians in the crosswalks and foot traffic should keep in mind that the road is for cars, not feet.