A direct current transmisiion line to move power from Kansas wind energy farms across Missouri is in the works.  Clean Line Energy Partners has been holding meetings in the area to discuss the project and scope out where the structure would be located.  Click to hear KMZU’s Brian Lock speak with Director of Development Mark Lawlor:

Mark Lawlor

The entire transmission line is a $2 billion investment.  “About two hundred miles of that project will be here in Missouri.  And so what that’s going to translate into is a lot of jobs around construction, a lot of jobs around manufacturing,” said Lawlor.

Clean Line Energy Partmers plans to use in-state and nearby companies for the items needed to build the line.  “Missouri’s a big manufacturing state.  And the jobs, also that come with this include things like, you know, road work and supplying of concrete and aggregate, and survey work, and the like.  So there’s  a lot of components that go into putting this together,” said Lawlor.

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Permanent benefits will come in the form of payments to the county.  “We will pay substantial property tax on this project, wherever it’s located, to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars, per mile, each and every year.  So you can imagine a county with 20, 25 miles of transmission line are going to see really significant property tax payments over a long period of time,” said Lawlor. Those with the line on their private property will receive an easement payment and structure payment.

The line will have the capacity to carry enough wind energy to power 1.4 million homes.  Decision on the proposed route is expected early next year.

Clean Line Energy held meetings in Salisbury, Chillicothe, and Carrollton on Tuesday.  They will be in Hamilton and Cameron Wednesday, and St. Joseph on Thursday.