Click to hear KMZU’s Kristie Cross speak with City Administrator Kerry Sampson:
Kerry Sampson

The Trenton city council will consider an ordinance this evening that would authorize the execution of a software agreement with Tyler Technologies.  Sampson explained the reasoning behind this action.  “Tyler Technologies is the company we have our current software through,” said Sampson, “When I say software, I’m talking about payroll and also our utility billing for electric, water, and sewer.  This software needs to be updated as some of it is becoming obsolete at the end of the year and so this agreement will allow us to do that.”

This would move the information to a cloud versus their own server and, hopefully, provide additional security.  “Part of the answer for us was, in going on the cloud, there’s a lot better chance of being secure with them than keeping it on our own server,” said Sampson, “When we were hacked two or three years ago, it was about $150,000 that was hacked into by some Ukrainians and the FBI said no one had ever done it that way before.  So, we recognize that anything can happen at anytime, but we feel we have a better chance with the cloud of being secure because they have a lot more people dedicated to keeping it secure than we do.”

Also on this evening’s agenda is an ordinance amending the required occupancy permits of non-owner occupied dwellings. The session is scheduled for 7 p.m. at city hall.