The Trenton Relay For Life will be June 1. In conjunction with the Relay For Life, the Trenton Police Department will hold a Jail-A-Thon in which citizens can pay $5 to purchace a fake warrant for the target of their choice’s arrest. Click here to listen to KMZU’s Chelsea Pounds talk with Trenton Police Chief Tommy Wright.

Tommy Wright

The arrested can pay off their faux bail at the price of $20 or can purchase an amnesty card ahead of time for $30, which nullifies all warrants before the accused can be arrested. All proceeds from the Trenton Jail-A-Thon will go to the American Cancer Society. For more details on the event, contact Communications Officer Tiffany Autry at 660-359-5557, [email protected], or visit the Trenton Police Department.

Press Release from the Trenton Police Department

You have a co-worker, friend, or family that you would like to see behind bars? Well we have just the opportunity for you!

The Trenton Police Department will be sponsoring a Jail-A-Thon in conjunction with the RELAY FOR LIFE event on June 1st.

You can now purchase “WARRANTS” for those friends, co-workers, and family members for $5.00 per charge. We will “lock them up” on June 1st and they will have to post a “Bail” of $20.00. They can post the “bail” by calling friends for “Bail” money or post it themselves.

FEAR YOU MIGHT BE TARGETED BY FRIENDS? We have “AMNESTY CARDS” available for $30.00. If you purchase an “AMNESTY” card and your friends, co-workers, or loved ones purchase “warrants” just show the officer the card and you will not be “Arrested” and the “Charges” will be dropped.

All checks should be made payable to the American Cancer Society.

For further information contact Communications Officer Tiffany Autry at 359-5557/[email protected] or stop by the Trenton Police Department.