The Trenton Police Department is working with a drug testing website to make parents aware of their child’s possible drug use.

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Tommy Wright

Press Release from the Trenton Police Department

With today’s ever growing youth drug problem, more kids are faced with peer pressure to try drugs, alcohol, and tobacco and most times this doesn’t end when a kid says no.

In fact, pressure can increase when “friends” try harder to make kids feel like outcasts when they don’t go along with the crowd.
However, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Kids now have a socially acceptable excuse that can stop pushy peers in their tracks. The words “my parents test me” are the equivalent of being 100% certain of getting caught and getting in trouble.

The Trenton Police Department is working to fight peer pressure and give kids a sure fire way to say no to drugs.

The Trenton Police Department is proud to announce a new alliance with, an organization that has donated $5,000.00 worth of free home drug test kit vouchers to be shared anonymously with parents who need them.

Beginning April 23rd, 2014, parents in Trenton can access helpful information and get testing kits for detecting drugs at no charge (limit one per family, (only shipping fees apply, usually around $6.00).

Electronic vouchers require no interaction with the police. They protect the anonymity of parents who redeem them online. Ordering is completed online from the privacy of your own home and shipping is done using non-descript packaging to protect privacy.

On-going random testing continues to provide kids with the excuse they need and parents with the peace of mind they deserve.
We believe this program will help parents breach the subject of Drug use and Peer pressure with their children with the hope that this will help stop this ever-growing problem in our society.

Parents can simply click on the link below and order or go to website.