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Tommy Wright

In September, a group of people were put together with the task of coming together four different times to discuss and come to a common agreement on whether or not the Trenton Police Department and community would benefit from body cameras on their officers.  “Those meetings had the result of the committee deciding that they believe we as Trenton law enforcement would benefit greatly by having body camera’s,” said Wright, “Additionally, they have helped to set up some fundraising efforts with more to come.  So we are progressing forward with trying to get the money to buy them.”

There are many reasons that police issued body cameras are such a great advance for law enforcement.  “They give people a  insight and a glimpse into what the situation was,” Wright said, “It won’t be the magic pill that fixes everything, but it will certainly add some accountability and transparency.  It will also protect the city, the officers, and the community.”

Although the wheels have been put in motion to acquire the technology, funds are still needed.  “Right now we’re just under $1,000,” said Wright, “Our goal is $15,000, and that would equip every commissioned police officer member and the command staff a body camera, with an additional cam or two on reserve.  Those are for the event that if one was to go down, we’d be able to assign one of the extras out while the other is being repaired.”

If you are interested in donating locally and for a good cause, donations no matter how big or small are welcomed and greatly appreciated.  “They can deliver a check or cash to me,” Wright said, “They can send it to the Green Hills Regional Planning Commission on Main street in Trenton.  Checks need to be made out to Green Hills Rural Development Association, and all donations will be tax benefits for everyone.”