LIVINGSTON COUNTY, Mo.- A lawsuit filed in late 2014 by the Livingston County Sheriff against the city of Chillicothe and its police chief is now set for trial.

In November 2014 KMZU news reported that Livingston County Sheriff Steve Cox had filed a lawsuit against the city of Chillicothe and Police Chief Rick Knouse stemming from a 911 call that was reportedly made to the emergency telephone service and handled by the police department.

During that call an unknown person provided information including Steve Cox’s name and alleged that Cox had done “certain things.”

Sheriff Cox is claiming that there was a violation of Missouri sunshine laws and the actions by the department were done purposefully done to harm his reputation in the community and to deter people from associating or dealing with him.

A trial date is now set for Tuesday, November 14 at 9 a.m. in a Livingston County Circuit Courtroom

A link to the original story is posted below.

Sheriff Files Lawsuit Against City