YourVoteCountsJust a few municipalities had ballots for Tuesday’s open election date in Missouri.

In Ray County the citizens of Richmond had a question put before them. It asked if the city should impose a local use tax on out-of-state purchases at the same rate as the local sales tax rate. Voters rejected that 126 to 62.

Hardin citizens were asked if the city should forgo annual elections when the number of candidates who have filed for office is equal to the number of positions to be filled. 8 Hardin voters decided to pass the measure 6 to 2.

In Pettis County, another use tax question was put before Sedalia voters to be applied to out-of-state purchases over $2,000. Voters said yes in a 490 to 254 decision.

Also Sedalia voters were asked if a local sales tax on the titling of motor vehicles and other forms of travel should continue. That was approved by a landslide vote of 523 to 215.