A fire in rural Carroll County is under investigation after two bodies were found among the debris.  Click to hear KMZU’s Chris Clift talk with Sheriff Troy Hofstetter:

Troy Hofstetter

“Very few details can be released at this time,” Hofstetter said.  “There are a lot of leads we have to follow up on.  Autopsies are being performed today.  We have to try to identify the bodies.  I know a lot of people get frustrated and there are many rumors circulating, but we can only release a limited amount of information.”

Firefighters were called Friday morning to a home on County Road 296 near Cooks Lake.

According to reports, the home belongs to Kristin Howery, a teacher’s assistant for the Carrollton School District.

Howery has not been found.

Authorities believe a 13-year-old girl was one of the victims, but they have not made a positive identification.

Counseling services are available for staff and students in the Carrollton School District.