The University of Central Missouri has begun a series of upgrades to their campus. Click to hear KMZU’s Chelsea Wade speak with Athletic Director Jerry Hughes:

Jerry Hughes

The school is currently under construction to create space for the football locker room, team meeting room, and weight facility underneath the football stadium. “This is necessary because the University’s in the process of, within the next year we’ll be tearing down the general services building, which is where our locker room currently is,” said Hughes, “And they’re moving that to another location on campus. And then, over the next couple of years, we’ll be building a new five-story residence hall at the north end of the football stadium. So, it’s kind of a domino effect, but this is the first phase that we’re really excited about.”

The current construction will add 150,000 square feet under the football stadium. The total cost of the project, including the new residence hall, is $46 million.

The stadium was upgraded in 1995. “And at that point in time, we had plans to finish the bottom with what we’re doing now. But the pricing was so that we didn’t have enough money at that point in time to do it. We do now,” Hughes said, “So, it’s part of this whole greater project. And so we’re excited about the opportunities for it.”

The first phase of construction should be completed in January. The second phase, which includes construction of the new hall, is expected to end in the fall of 2015.