UPDATE: (11/25/18, 3:14 a.m.) – A helicopter had to be called in to help find a truck driver chased from near Kansas City to Boonville on Interstate 70 last night. Details about how the pursuit began are not being released at this time. Several police agencies along eastbound Interstate deployed spike strips in an attempt to disable the vehicle. Sparks were seen coming from the fleeing trucks bare rims before it stopped near the 107 mile marker. The driver fled from the truck but was spotted by a helicopter called in from Jefferson City. Troopers have not released the name of the suspect.

UPDATE: (11/24/18, 10:45 p.m.) – KMZU reporter Brandon Bartlett called to advise us that the semi being chased on eastbound Interstate 70, has finally stopped about 15 miles West of Columbia. Brandon said that numerous law enforcement vehicles are at the scene near the 107 mile marker. Brandon noted tire debris on the eastbound lanes as he approached the scene of the vehicle stop. We have also received a report that the flat tires of the truck have started a small fire on the eastbound lane of the interstate. The driver is reportedly accused of aggravated assault with a firearm. We will bring you further details when they become available.

Lafayette County, Mo. – Several law enforcement agencies have joined the pursuit of a truck driver suspected of displaying a gun at a disturbance.

Details about the initial incident are not available, but the pursuit has proceeded eastbound past Higginsville and passed into Saline County about 15 minutes ago.

Several sets of spike sticks have been successfully deployed and authorities were hoping for a conclusion to the chase before someone gets injured.