Damage in Carrollton

Debris on the south end of Carrollton

Damage to Burger Bar in Carrollton

CARROLLTON, Mo. — The line of severe thunderstorms that moved through the area caused damage to numerous structures and injured dozens of people. The National Weather Service confirmed an EF-1 tornnado tore through the Carrollton area Monday evening.

Photos of damage have been rolling in from listeners as crews work to clean up the affected area.

Damages to property at Burger Bar

OEI in Carrollton

Damage at MFA in Carrollton

The south end of Carrollton was been closed from the rail road tracks which cross Main Street to the Highway 10 turnoff at the end of town.

The road is also blocked off at the junction of Old 24 Highway and Mason Street.

Among business sustaining damage in South Carrollton are popular local restaurant Burger Bar, Opportunity Enterprises Incorporated, MFA and Owen Seed Company.

Damage at Owen Seed Company east of Carrollton

Destroyed shed east of Carrollton (photo curtesy Justin Thoeni)

Damage to a barn east of Carrollton on 24 Highway

Photos from outside of Carrollton from other parts of the KMZU listening area.

One of several structures destroyed at the Lathrop Antiqure Grounds (photo courtesy Doug Barnett)

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