OdessaPoliceUPDATE: (08/18/16) 12:55 p.m. Chief Scott Newhouse is resigning from the Odessa Police Force. Mayor Adam Couch informed KMZU News of his resignation this hour.

Couch also commented on allegations that city hall was moving to dissolve the police department.

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ODESSA, Mo. – There have been stories circulating with serious accusations levied against Odessa City Hall as well as Police Chief Scott Newhouse.

Newhouse was put on administrative leave earlier this year after an alleged altercation with another city employee. He was reinstated Tuesday evening. Following that reinstatement, two police officers resigned.

Following the meeting, all five police cruisers had their tires slashed.

A KMZU News source that wishes to remain anonymous claims he has spoken with a city employee. That person states discourse between the officers and city hall go back to a mold issue at the emergency services building that has since been demolished. KMZU News broke that story two years ago as of this Sunday, August 21. You can read the building inspection documents here.

Approximately a month later former City Administrator Jon Holmes resigned his position for “other opportunities”. It is unknown if the controversy was a contributing factor.

Our source also states that leading up to the mold problem being out in the open, emergency workers claim they were harassed and had their jobs threatened by some officials. They claim it was to be kept quiet.

Since then our source claims the Board of Alderman, Mayor Adam Couch and Chief Newhouse have allegedly been actively seeking to prevent an officers union from forming, and are in negotiations with the Lafayette County Sheriff’s Office to provide policing services for the community.

KMZU News inquired about that issue at the August 8, 2016 Alderman meeting. During which city officials denied the disbandment plan and said they were not expecting to renew the city’s contract with Chief Newhouse.

KMZU News has requested interviews from Mayor Couch and City Administrator Mickey Ary. We are awaiting comment at this time.