WASHINGTON – The U.S. Department of Labor today announced $83,941,360 in grants through the National Farmworker Jobs Program to combat the chronic unemployment and underemployment experienced by migrant and seasonal farmworkers who depend primarily on agricultural labor jobs. A total of $78,253,180 will go to 52 organizations nationwide to provide training, employment and support services for farmworkers and their families. An additional $5,688,600 will go to 16 organizations to provide temporary or permanent housing assistance.

The National Farmworker Jobs Program helps eligible workers improve their agricultural job skills, and train for careers in emerging industries and occupations that offer higher wages and more stable employment.  The program also offers services such as child care, health care and transportation assistance.

 “Agricultural workers face significant barriers to stable employment, and all too often it is their families who pay the price,” said Secretary of Labor Hilda L. Solis. “These grants address this reality by not only helping workers improve and expand their job skills, but also by providing housing and other crucial support services.”

The housing assistance grants will provide permanent housing assistance, temporary and/or emergency housing assistance, or a combination of both.  Permanent housing assistance services include pre-development and development services; project management; and resource development to secure acquisition, construction or renovation, and other operating funds for farmworker housing.  Temporary housing assistance services include housing units for temporary occupancy, the management of such housing units, emergency housing payments and case management. Services typically are provided in more than one state or areas of a single state.

The National Farmworker Jobs Program is authorized by Congress in Section 167 of the Workforce Investment Act of 1998, and grants are allocated through a formula that estimates the number of eligible workers in each state or territory. Puerto Rico and 45 states each have one grantee. California has five grantees.  There are no grantees in Alaska. Connecticut and Rhode Island are considered a combined service delivery area, as are Maryland and Delaware. 

The grants cover a two-year period but are funded on an annual basis.  The awards announced today are for July 1, 2011, through June 30, 2012.  Second year allocations will be dependent on the funds available through the fiscal year 2012 appropriations process and on grantees’ compliance with all current and future departmental guidance. 

U.S. Department of Labor news materials are accessible at http://www.dol.gov.  The information above is available in large print, Braille, audio tape or disc from the COAST office upon request by calling 202-693-7828 or TTY 202-693-7755. 

National Farmworker Jobs Program Grant Awards

Grantee State Amount
Telamon Corp. Ala. $791,926
Arkansas Human Development Corp. Ark. $1,144,854
Portable Practical Educational Preparation Inc. Ariz. $2,132,576
County of Kern Calif. $2,107,959
Central Valley Opportunity Center Inc. Calif. $1,927,835
Center for Employment Training Calif. $8,208,464
California Human Development Corp. Calif. $3,790,340
Proteus Inc. Calif. $3,950,219
Rocky Mountain SER/Jobs for Progress Inc. Colo. $999,986
New England Farm Workers’ Council Conn./R.I. $391,109
Florida Department of Education Fla. $4,146,020
Telamon Corp. Ga. $1,532,229
Maui Economic Opportunity Inc. Hawaii $330,485
Proteus Inc. Iowa $1,176,640
Community Council of Idaho Inc. Idaho $1,074,827
Illinois Migrant Council Ill. $1,437,203
Telamon Corp. Ind. $923,526
SER Corp. of Kansas Kan. $1,074,936
Kentucky Farmworker Programs Inc. Ky. $1,210,852
Motivation Education & Training Inc. La. $910,782
New England Farm Workers’ Council Mass. $322,032
Telamon Corp. Md./Del. $489,431
Eastern Maine Development Corp. Maine $293,084
Telamon Corp. Mich. $1,399,272
Motivation Education & Training Inc. Minn. $1,234,045
United Migrant Opportunity Services/UMOS Inc. Mo. $985,854
Mississippi Delta Council for Farm Workers Opportunities Miss. $1,297,176
Rural Employment Opportunities Inc. Mont. $597,263
Telamon Corp. N.C. $2,690,959
Motivation Education & Training Inc. N.D. $607,492
Motivation Education & Training Inc. Neb. $1,088,204
New England Farm Workers’ Council N.H. $101,931
PathStone Corp. N.J. $696,249
HELP – New Mexico Inc. N.M. $946,732
Oregon Human Development Corp. Nev. $179,751
PathStone Corp. N.Y. $1,656,708
PathStone Corp. Ohio $1,259,904
ORO Development Corp. Okla. $1,272,692
Oregon Human Development Corp. Ore. $1,971,923
PathStone Corp. Pa. $1,544,889
PathStone Corp. Puerto Rico $3,058,359
Telamon Corp. S.C. $966,905
Black hills Special Services Cooperative S.D. $620,254
Tennessee Opportunity Programs Inc. Tenn. $857,418
Motivation Education & Training Inc. Texas $6,673,042
PIC Inc. Utah $289,213
Telamon Corp. Va. $927,817
PathStone Corp. Vt. $190,798
OIC of Washington Wash. $3,090,088
United Migrant Opportunity Services/UMOS Inc. Wis. $1,250,652
Telamon Corp. W.Va. $196,339
Motivation Education & Training Inc. Wyo. $233,936
TOTAL   $78,253,180.00