KANSAS CITY, Mo. (NAFB) — The Department of Agriculture Friday announced an expansion under the Conservation Heins Dairy-Milking (2)Reserve Program. Under the program, USDA will now offer a new grasslands practice specifically tailored for small-scale livestock grazing operations. Small livestock operations with 100 or fewer head of grazing dairy cows—or the equivalent—can submit applications to enroll up to 200 acres of grasslands per farm. USDA’s goal is to enroll up to 200,000 acres.

Farm and Foreign Agricultural Services Deputy Under Secretary Alexis Taylor made the announcement. Taylor says the expansion will ensure livestock operations of varying sizes have “an opportunity to achieve environmental and economic benefits.” Farmers must apply by December 16th. Offers selected this fiscal year will be enrolled into CRP Grasslands beginning in October of 2017. USDA says qualifying producers interested in participating in CRP should contact their local FSA office.