MISSOURI — Floodwaters continue to plague Missouri farmers, keeping them out of their fields.

This means that insurance claims for prevented planting are expected to be at or near record levels.

Photo: United States Department of Agriculture

The USDA estimates that claims will reach the $1 billion mark for the 2019 planting season. With all of the fields that remain submerged, it is possible that the previous record of 10 million prevent-planted acres could be broken.

A branch of the USDA, the Risk Management Agency (RMA) provides crop insurance to farmers and ranchers across the United States. Around $151 million in claims have already been paid through the RMA, about $39 million more than last week.

If a producer decides to plant a cover crop, they would still be eligible to recieve a small payment if the crop planted falls within the guidelines of President Trump’s trade relief package.

Cover crops are also allowed to be harvested or grazed beginning September 1 rather than November 1 for 2019, meaning that producers could still generate some revenue.