A loan for a major sewer project in Richmond was turned down by the US Department of Agriculture, leaving city officials to find other sources of funding.  City Administrator Ron Brohammer said they’re disappointed.  Click to hear Brohammer:

Ron Brohammer

“It was like they left us at the alter again,” Brohammer said.  “By the time the paperwork reached Washington DC, the funds had been exhausted.  The USDA had x-amount of dollars and there were a number of projects throughout the entire country that were submitted for selection.  It is my understanding that our project was submitted out of the State of Missouri as the number one priority project.  However, by whatever criteria they used in Washington to make the selection, our project did not make the cut.”

The USDA turned down the city’s request in 2010 for a $2.9 million grant.  Voters had passed a $5.1 million bond hoping to receive the federal money.  The city approved a rate hike in Feb. 2011 with the same goal in mind.

The waste water project is estimated to cost between $9.5 and $10 million dollars.

The USDA loan would have given the city $500,000.