WASHINGTON — The United States Department of Agriculture is again tackling the problem of rural broadband access.

Four loans will be provided to communities in California, Illinois, Iowa, and Texas, according to a news release from the USDA. These loans, totaling $43.6 million, will go towards adding nearing 1,000 miles of fiber for broadband services.

Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue stated, “Too many rural areas still lack access to robust, affordable broadband services that can create jobs and boost rural economies. These broadband infrastructure investments will connect rural communities to a digital future and will help expand access to high-speed internet, health care, educational and business services in rural communities.”

Secretary Purdue heads back to DC from Ohio with Secretary Zinke. Photo from @SecretarySonny on Twitter.

This announcement comes during Infrastructure Week. Secretary Perdue just returned back to Washington D.C. after celebrating in Cincinnati. Perdue will also attend a White House Infrastructure meeting today.

The loans are a part of the Telecommunications Program which funds infrastructure and equipment for broadband service in rural areas.