Clarence Missouri farmer Chris Chinn is one of four selected to represent agriculture through the “The Faces of Farming & Ranching Program.”

A north Missouri farmer has been selected to represent the agriculture industry.  KMZU’s Janet Adkison explains.



Last summer the US Farmers and Ranchers Alliance launched “The Faces of Farming & Ranching Program,” a nationwide challenge seeking individuals to serve as representatives for the ag sector.  Spokesperson Chris Novak announced the winners Tuesday morning…

“We’ve got 4 winners from across the country, Chris Chinn is with us from Missouri, Katie Pratt from Dixon, Illinois, Will Gilmer is from Alabama and Bo Stone is from North Carolina.”  On Tuesday morning the group announced the winner.

Novak says the goal is to give agriculture a voice on a national level…

“That’s been a part of USFRA’s mission from the beginning, and certainly people who can tell their story in a passionate way and deliver that consistent message on behalf of agriculture is one of the reason’s that we’ve started this program.”

Grain and livestock producer Chris Chinn from Clarence, Missouri tossed her name into the contest several months ago.

“There are many different ways that families farm today and there’s no one right way and I think that’s a message we need to get out.”

Chinn says she’s both honored and thrilled with the opportunity.

“This is going to open up a lot of doors for me to have conversations with people that maybe I wouldn’t be able to connect with otherwise.”

Chinn says the four winners have a lot in common.

“We all want to make sure we share the story of agriculture and we want to represent all of agriculture not just what we do on our farms and ranches.  We want to speak for agriculture as one voice and we want to include all types of farming.”

The other winners are Katie Pratt, a grain farmer from Dixon, Illinois; Will Gilmer, a dairy farmer from Sulligent, Alabama; and Bo Stone, a grain and hog producer from Rowland, North Carolina.

While this is the first year for the contest, Novak expects the program to grow.

“We certainly look down the road to where we’ll be expanding it and potentially integrating and involving more farmers.”

Over one-hundred farmers and ranchers competed in the nationwide challenge.

Over the next year the four winners will spend a minimum of 30 days representing the agriculture industry at various events across the country.

U.S.F.R.A. issued the following statement about the program:

U.S. Farmers & Ranchers Alliance (USFRA®) announced that Chris Chinn (Mo.), Will Gilmer (Ala.), Katie Pratt (Ill.), and Bo Stone (N.C.), have been selected as the winners of its Faces of Farming & Ranching program, a nationwide search launched in summer 2012 to help put real faces on the American agriculture industry.

The winners will act as national spokespeople, and will share stories and experiences on a national stage to help answer consumers’ questions about how food is grown and raised to feed our nation.

“The four winners selected are passionate about farming and ranching, and eager to share their stories about the innovative ways they continue to improve food production each day,” said Bob Stallman, chairman of USFRA and president of the American Farm Bureau Federation. “There are a lot of misconceptions and questions among consumers about how food gets from the farm to our tables. These four individuals are equipped with the passion and experience necessary to address these complicated issues and give honest answers.”