healthywomenMISSOURI – The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend more than the required vaccinations for middle school aged teens. The leading independent health information and nonprofit organization, HealthyWomen, states in a release that it is, “a common misconception that children only need school-required vaccinations.” Beth Battaglino, CEO and President of HealthyWoman, explains the importance of additional vaccines for America’s youth.

According to HealthyWomen’s release, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends up to 9 vaccines for middle school aged teens and older adults. This is more than the number of vaccinations required by schools for children to be in attendance.

Battaglino, who is also a Registered Nurse, says that only an individual, with the help of their physician, can determine which vaccines are appropriate for themselves and/or their family; meaning additional vaccines other than the already recommended.

HealthyWomen recommends individuals and families look into the Lifetime Vaccines information. This organization has compiled a list of vaccine related questions for people to take to their doctor  in order to facilitate a educated conversation. Battaglino commented upon the ease of forgetting well thought out questions once someone is in the doctors office and having this information in front of them will help avoid a, “freeze up.”