Chillicothe police, in conjunction with multiple law enforcement agencies, have wrapped up their investigation into the missing brass cemetery vases with two arrests. According to court records, Sean Stretch, 24, and Joseph Davis, 23, have been taken into custody. Click to hear KMZU’s Kristie Cross talk to Lieutenant Scott Chubick:

Scott Chubick

“They are in custody with the Caldwell County Sheriff’s Department,” said Chubick,” They have charges for the same thing in Caldwell County and also there are charges pending on them in Raytown, Richmond, and possibly Livingston County besides Chillicothe.”

According to Chubick, the men were caught in possession of the missing items.  “They were stopped for a routine traffic violation and they had more than sixty vases in the trunk of their car at that time,” said Chubick.

The investigation began several weeks ago.  “Basically, they were going into cemeteries and locating the gravestones that had brass bar vases attached to them,” said Chubick,” They were stealing them, breaking them up, and then scrapping the brass.”

According to court records, Stretch is currently on probation for six prior theft/stealing charges and there was a warrant for the arrest of Davis on three charges of passing bad checks.