Retired Rear Admiral J. Staton Thompson spoke at an assembly Friday morning at the Lafayette County C-1 School.  Click to hear KMZU’s Marie King speak with several people involved in the ceremony:

Marie King

Retired Rear Admiral J. Staton Thompson

Retired Rear Admiral J. Staton Thompson says he was fortunate to be their guest speaker.  “One of the things that I wanted to drive home to them is that they have an opportunity, as young people, to develop a way to contribute to their country,” said Thompson, “And you don’t necessarily have to be in the military, you can do all kinds of things to be a productive citizen of our country, and we oughta thank our lucky stars.”

Veterans were escorted into the ceremony by FFA members.

Co-chairperson Jessica Tonnar was glad it turned out so well.  “Today was just a day, to me, where I could honor my father as a retired army serviceman, instead of him being proud of me,” said Tonnar, “It was a day for me to thank him, and to really, truly understand the sacrifice.  Everybody there, I think, felt in their heart what it truly means to be a part of the military.”

Prior to the assembly, the Higginsville FCCLA provided a breakfast for the veterans, who were then escorted into the gym by an FFA student