LAFAYETTE COUNTY, Mo. — A tip from the Department of Homeland Security led to the rescue of two women who told investigators they had been kidnapped in Mexico, held for ransom and raped before they were found by Lafayette County authorities at a motel in Higginsville.

The two women, who remain unidentified, told Higginsville Police through a Spanish interpreter that they had been kidnapped in Mexico and smuggled across the U.S.-Mexico border.

They told authorities that Alain Gaspar Camarillo-Linan, 23, Jaciel Acdala Mendez-Morales, 19, and Luis Anger Sierra-Vallina, 22, had raped them and assaulted them physically on more than one occasion.

The families of the women had reportedly been extorted for money in return for their safe homecoming, however the kidnappers became increasingly agitated and threatened to kill one of the women because their families were allegedly not paying enough.

According to probable cause statements filed Tuesday in a Lafayette County courtroom, the three men are charged with two counts each of first degree kidnapping, aggravated rape in the first degree and first degree aggravated sodomy or attempted sodomy. Camarillo-Linan faces also faces an additional sodomy charge.

All three men are behind bars in Lafayette County, held on $500,000 bond. They were arraigned Monday, where they entered pleas of not guilty.